About Shinepos

About Shinepos

Retail system made for you

Retail system made for you

Premium Solutions for fastest growing brands.

Premium Solutions for fastest growing brands.

Retail ERP System, Epos , Multi-store Management, CRM, International brands

  • Drag and Drop, Easily go multichannel

  • Flexible discount schemes

  • Manage your products your way

  • Customizable sales report

  • CCTV integrated with cash drawer, you can monitor cash operation of each store.

  • Products management optimization

  • Customer flow statistics

  • Take care of your business anywhere at any time with shinepos BI

  • Fast and Reliable

  •  一键拖拽产品至 微信商城,即时对接,省时省力

    Drag and drop single products to your online shop linked live to y our stock. With central stock system and single customer database, you can easily monitor and manage your stock across multiple retail channels

  •  百变促销手段 激发客户购买欲

    Our Epos system provides flexible discount scheme and promotions, such as buy n get n free, bundles products, discount code, coupons, seasonal promotions etc. At the head office, you can set up various promotions in a couple of clicks and make the shop an interesting place to come offen.

  • 多维产品属性, 7*12 的属性层级都能满足

    Shinpos provides ultimate variations to products, has unlimited layers for style, size, width and various detailed settings. No matter how special your products are, you can always manage your stock with fast access. 

  •  全方位统计分析, 有数据才有真相

    Purchase behavior, sales, growth trends, and stock management etc, a wide variety of flexible reports help drill into your database. You can view each store and staff performance anywhere with great understanding of what is happening in the business.

  • 摄像头联动钱箱, 每一笔收银明细都看得见

    Monitor the cash drawer with security cameras, it provides clear reply clip of each transaction. As well as you can run daily reports at head office, secure cash up routine can be settled to provide a quick and accurate close up.

  • 独创Tag 标签, 万千产品一键归类

    With our innovative tag, you can filter, rank or group your products which help more easier to edit or analyze stock movement, and get more flexible reports

  • 店铺客流统计, 优化客户购物体验, 提高盈利能力

    Collect customer flow figures and turn it into meaningful visual and actionable insights. Monitor store promotions, address performance issues and help you optimize performance across your retail business.

  • 移动端BI, 无需到店即可查看 各门店铺盈收

    You can get flexible, centralized reports of each store on your mobile and laptop, to have a clear view of what’s happening in the business and make better decisions.

  • 极致简约,闪电收银

    Streamlined system optimized for faster checkout with quick barcode scan. The reliable and safe architecture enables every till functioning with or without internet connection.

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